We are prominent suppliers of TSP to India and Gulf countries.

The TSP is a kind of high-concentrated water soluble phosphate-based fertilizer. Its essential components are soluble monocalcium phosphate [(H2PO4)2H2O] with good efficiency for improvement of soil conditions.

We supply TSP both in powder & granular form.


Di-Ammonium Phosphate, is the worlds most widely used ammo-phos fertilizer. DAP is easily adapted to all ranges of dry fertilizer application methods. Dap is a perfect choice, as a base product for custom blends.


Urea is usually available in a white, crystalline, organic form. It is a highly concentrated nitrogenous fertilizer and fairly hygroscopic. It is highly soluble in water and therefore, subject to rapid leaching. It is, however, quick-acting and produces quick results. When applied to the soil, its nitrogen is rapidly changed into ammonia.

We supply urea in granular and pellet forms.


Sulphur is the primary source in the production of sulphuric acid, the world's most widely used chemical. Sulphuric acid is used by the fertilizer industry to manufacture primarily phosphates, nitrogen, potassium, and sulphate fertilizers. It is also used in manufacturing other products, including non-ferrous metals, pigments, fibers, hydrofluoric acid, carbon disulphide, pharmaceuticals, agricultural pesticides, personal care products, cosmetics, synthetic rubber vulcanization, water treatment, and steel pickling.

The consumption of Sulphur has increased over the period of time. Its use is expanding in agriculture as a fertilizer and fungicide. We offer Sulphur in Granules, Chips or Lumps, granules/ pestilles and sulphur micronized (fertilizers).

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